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01 Aug Posted by in Misc. Info | Comments


It is hot out, so it is very important to stay hydrated!  You may have noticed that we got a Free Flow water cooler installed at the downtown location to help you stay hydrated.  The water is guaranteed to be fresh because it runs straight from the tap to the cooler when you press the […]


31 Jul Posted by in Skill of th MOnth | Comments

Time to retest your OHS Mobility!

We have been spending a lot of time the last few months on overhead squat mobility and strengthening.  Most of the warmups have included banded squats or walks to strengthen up the glutes.  The Mobility at the end of the class has been tailored to opening up the hips, chest or stretching out the ankles.  […]


30 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Zone class info | Comments

BC Day Long weekend hours

Pembroke: Saturday 10:00am only Sunday HP 9:30am Monday 9:30am, and 7:30pm only Westshore Saturday 8:00am Monday 9:30am only OLY CLASS: Come in and work on Snatch grip push press/jerk with Sean. Build that shoulder strength and get used to lowering the bar onto the your back.   Coaches Notes: On the medball situp and throw, […]


29 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Games | Comments

2014 CrossFit Games

Photo credit – Natural Strength CrossFit Well the 2014 Crossfit Games are now over, and like each year before it, the competition keeps getting harder and harder.  This year saw a number of different elements thrown at the athletes which really tested their wide ranging abilities.  We also saw this year that the competitors keep […]


28 Jul Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Deload lifting week

Who is ready for a deload lifting week?  If you went hard and heavy enough the last cycle of 5′s, 3′s and 2′s, you should be very thankful. Spend lots of extra time on mobility this week to get you ready to get back on the next lifting cycle and ready to hit some PR’s. […]


27 Jul Posted by in Misc. Info, Uncategorized | Comments

Sunday HP

9:30 tomorrow.  We will be setting up the projector for after too if people want to come by and watch the games See you in the morning!