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Victoria  // Posts tagged as "Victoria"

25 Sep Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Do You Even Mob?

Why do you mobilize? Is it done out of obligation? Because your coach makes you? Because EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT? While it’s true that most of us don’t spend enough time stretching, rolling, smashing, and generally improving our soft tissue health, it is possible to over-mobilize. WHAT? I know, it seems insane. The truth […]


24 Sep Posted by in CrossFit Zone class info | Comments

Morning Class Update

As mentioned a few days ago, we will be cancelling the 7am class and adding in 6am classes Monday and Friday, beginning Monday, September 29. Previously we stated that class changes would begin Oct 1, but since that falls on a Wednesday, the class change will go in to effect the preceding Monday (September 29). That […]


23 Sep Posted by in CrossFit Community, Graduates | Comments

Welcome Amro!

Hey Zoners, A big congratulations and welcome to Amro, who just crushed FGB on Friday and graduated to class. It’s been a long, hard road for Amro, but he’s done it! If you see him around class, say hi and ask him if he’s done his mobility work for the day!



We made it through another cycle! We’re pulling back on the reigns this week and deloading – we will still have a strength component in class, but the emphasis will be on Olympic weightlifting technique, not necessarily all out strength and power. If you’ve been lifting hard and WOD’ing over the past few weeks, now’s […]


20 Sep Posted by in Graduates | Comments

Congrats to Sac Lunch!

Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome Joey to the Zone family! Joey was a internationally ranked bocce ball player and enjoys cross stitching. He’s affectionately known by some current Zone members as “Sac Lunch.”