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Victoria  // Posts tagged as "Victoria"

24 Oct Posted by in Kick Ass Results | Comments

Next Strength cycle – The Front Squat

Hey team, We are playing around with something a little different on the front squat for the strength cycle. We are doing a front box squat. Don’t get this confused with the power lifter box squat with a wide stance. This squat is done with your regular squat stance. Take a look at the scheduled […]


21 Oct Posted by in Foody Friday | Comments

Coconut Veggie Stew

This is so easy, quick cooking, not so quick prep time.  Cut your vegetable nice and chunky,  we used cauliflower, beans and carrots. The recipe calls for tomato and cucumber, we  preferred to chop these small and add to the stew on our plate as a topping.  In a food processor add 1 cup coconut, 2 cloves […]


Happy Thursday!

Coaching Tips: Focus on using a lot of hip pop to get the dumbbells up. Keep the torso upright and save your lower back! Avoid ‘curling’ the weights and using your arms. Practice jump up/step downs unless you plan on competing soon (and you may want to spend a bit of extra time on Achilles […]


17 Oct Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Week 5 of the Push Press

Hey Everyone! We are coming to a close on the push press strength focus.  This is week 5 of 6 and that means some shorter workouts and a bit less volume. We are also testing people’s front squats today to get a baseline for the next strength focus. If you can’t make it in today, […]



A longer wod here today and lots of skill to work on so have a bit of a game plan going in.  The context is practice so really make sure that those ring rows and pistols are re-enforcing good movement patterns and not just “getting the job done” Pacing is going to be key but […]