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Victoria  // Posts tagged as "Victoria"

03 Jun Posted by in CrossFit Attitude | Comments

Row Sprints

On the docket today: row sprints. It’s not all about 20min AMRAPS, grinder WODs, or even moving heavy weights. Sometimes it’s about strapping in to a rower and going hard. Don’t cherry-pick, get in the gym and GO HARD!


02 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Ow, My Back!

(Image courtesy of Master isolated images at A common complaint we hear around the gym is “my back hurts.” The SIJ (sacroilliac joint) can take a real beating if you’re not paying attention to mobility, STAbility, and strength. Check out this Breaking Muscle article where they discuss the SIJ, common issues, and some good corrective/preventative […]


01 Jun Posted by in Misc. Info | Comments

New Pre-Workout!

We’ve got a new product at the gym! Jakt RX pre-workout has arrived, and it is a new flavour, blue raspberry. Chock full of with gains, each tub is $52.50 (including tax). Come get it while supplies last!


Regionals Party

Don’t forget: CrossFit Games regionals watching party today (Saturday) at the gym. 12:30 till ?? Bring snacks, chairs, blankets, drinks and come cheer on the athletes as they compete for a spot in the 2015 CrossFit Games!


29 May Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | 1 comment

Bulgarian Split Squats

We’re throwing in a different exercise for strength this cycle: the Bulgarian split squat. It is essentially a lunge with the rear foot elevated on a box or bench. It is useful in correcting asymmetries and increasing quad strength. If you’re looking to improve your pistol, or if you lose squats above parallel, this movement […]