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Victoria  // Posts tagged as "Victoria"

21 Oct Posted by in Just Because | Comments

Deload Week

Hey team, It’s another deload week, even though it might not feel like it. Remember, deload doesn’t just mean pull back from heavy lifting – ease off the WODs, too. Your body needs a break. Skip the clock watching this week and feel out the movements. Listen to your body and RECOVER! We’ll be back on the […]


20 Oct Posted by in CrossFit Community, Graduates | Comments

Welcome, Tammy!

Zone family! Please welcome Tammy to the gym. Tammy hails from Nottingham (same place as Robin Hood), Tammy has her doctorate in GAINZ. Her fitness goals are: Body weight snatch and finish a 20 minute AMRAP in 5:00. -Coach YOUNG BLADES (AKA Ray)


18 Oct Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments


No, not combat. You’ll be partnering up to TAKE DOWN this brutal workout. Split up the reps with your partner and get it done!


17 Oct Posted by in CrossFit Community, Graduates | Comments

Welcome Dillon!

Zone family, please welcome Dillon aka D-Boy to the gym. Dillon is an ultra talented tattoo artist and man of great wisdom. He was once shot 7 times and had the bullets melted down into gold teeth. Don’t believe me? Look at his jibs!! His fitness goals: Get super swoll and crush Chris David in […]


16 Oct Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments


Dynamic effort (DE) again today. We’re working with sub-maximal weights in order to create maximal force. Accelerate through the lift and, again, shoot for EXPLOSIVENESS. But now we’re incorporating the shoulder/spinal stability demands of the overhead squat, so it’ll be even more challenging. Be safe, go hard.