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Victoria  // Posts tagged as "Victoria"

14 Oct Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Time to get DYNAMIC

This week we’re back on 2′s, but instead of going really heavy and grinding it out again, you’ll be lifting at 40-60% of your 1RM and trying to be explosive as possible. Accelerate through the lift and concentrate on making each lift as fast and technically sound as possible.


13 Oct Posted by in CrossFit Community | Comments

Happy Thanksgiving!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Sean’s bacon-wrapped turkey is! Take a break from carb back-loading to come in and take a try at Jackie! Join us at 9:30am for a great workout and a chance to give thanks to your body and it’s wonderful ability to move. See you then!


Saddle up, PARTNER!

Nothing fancy, just a fun partner workout today. Strap in and work hard!


10 Oct Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | 1 comment

BB Complex Friday

Hey Team, An updated version of our favorite barbell complex today. Four 5 minute rounds with one minute rest between each. Go hard, go heavy….with proper technique, OF COURSE!


Bar tending

Quick note before today’s post: Wednesday morning yoga is temporarily suspended until we determine a new time for it. We’ll keep you updated as things develop! Have you noticed the awesome colour-coded bars in the gym? All bars are stored and organized based on weights: Blue – 9lbs Yellow – 15lbs Green – 35lbs Red […]