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Victoria  // Posts tagged as "Victoria"

19 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

New Muscle up progression

Did you see Bex’s new fav muscle up progression? Coaches Notes: Nate is a high skilled benchmark workout.  It is meant to be challenging in the gymnastics and heavy on the kb swing. Choose a muscle up progression that is difficult for you if you don’t have your muscle up The KB swing is full […]


18 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

How to fix your Overhead Squat: Part 3

Here is the last tip the series from Tabata Times on the overhead squat.  Give this mobilization a try and see if you notice a difference in your overhead squat. Overhead Squat Problem #3: Tight Shoulders and Upper Back If you are forced to use an extremely wide grip when overhead squatting and find it […]


17 Jul Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Prison Rules are back!

Who is excited for this workout?! This is such a great workout to build up your conditioning as well as rep speed in the barbell movements.   Coaches Notes: Loading – based on your weakest movement of the 3.  Choose no more than 50% of 1RM Form – Not letting form degrade more than 10-20% […]


16 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

A few new pistol progressions…

Still struggling with your pistol?  A lot of times people struggle with pistols because of ankle mobility.  If when you do a pistol, your knee drives inward and does not stay in line with the direction of your foot, it can be one of two things.  1.  Ankle mobility or 2.  Glute engagement/strength.  If you […]


15 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Community | Comments

Vancity Locatly Program

MEMBERS HELPING MEMBERS CrossFit Zone is a member of VanCity and is proud to participate in Localty program. Quite Simply, Localty lets participants earn rewards while supporting Vancity’s local business members that make the place we live, work and play great. So go ahead. Shop local. Discover great local businesses. Collect badges. Earn rewards. Loving […]