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Victoria  // Posts tagged as "Victoria"

19 Nov Posted by in Events | Comments

Jingle Bells with a Twist

Pentathlon Competition coming  to the Zone on Saturday, December 17th  starting at 11:00am. Linda from Iron Bell Fitness is running this competition  at our box  for the second year in a row. Vintage Mike and I are slowly bringing the KB community together with the Zone community. There will be 5 lifts – in this […]


18 Nov Posted by in Foody Friday | Comments

Quick Butter(less) chicken

This recipe was inspired by  Whitewater Cooks with passion by Shelley Adams.  I love their Butter Chicken Bowl recipe but I don’t always have the 5 hours to marinate and bake the chicken, so here is my quick version. This sauce is great to turn any leftover chicken or vegetables into an amazing meal. Saute 1/2 […]


17 Nov Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments


He we go folks, the most classic of classics, Fran!  Couple of keys to this workout, 1. sweat before you sweat.  You can’t go into this cold!  Make sure you are really warmed up and heart rate is up before you even start this or you will simply spike and die.  2. Have a plan, […]


Reason’s why to remember your Numbers

As coaches, we can’t help but get a little heavy-hearted when we ask a client a question such as, ‘What’s your 1RM clean?’ and we are met with a blank stare. Worse still is a confused look followed by, ‘Which one’s the clean again?’ Let me reiterate: WE DO NOT care what your numbers are. […]


15 Nov Posted by in Graduates | Comments

Please Welcome, Brian!

Everyone welcome Brian! Little known facts about him. He paddles with Scott A and David F (probably the coolest boat ever) he has the best beard this place has ever seen (there’s a leaderboard spot for him) he went 1000+ days without shaving. He loves wine and cheese festivals….just kidding he’s the guy with the […]