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Victoria  // Posts tagged as "Victoria"

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14 Apr Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

Why do we depth jump?

Stealing most of this from Breaking Muscle ( Quick summary The depth jump is performed when an athlete drops off a box, lands briefly absorbing the shock, and then immediately jumps as high as possible. The landing period is usually less than 0.2 seconds. In the short term, the depth jump leads to a higher […]


13 Apr Posted by in Graduates | Comments

Everyone welcome Rob!

Attention Zoners! We got a new member to the Zone family. Everyone welcome Rob! He is the lesser half of an already great family member Christine! He’s coming on in because Christine’s become quite the lil CrossFit stud and Rob’s getting showed up! So everyone say hi! He’s a great guy who’s always got a smile! […]


12 Apr Posted by in Graduates | Comments

Please welcome my girl Mokie

Hey Zone family! Please welcome my girl Mokie into group classes. Mokie has her CF level 1, and teaches fitness classes in her spare time. She’s looking to get back into Crossfit and start crushing workouts again. She’s off to a good start already, coming off the flu, which turned into a lung infection. Mokie wouldn’t let that […]


11 Apr Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

The Week Ahead

We’re back to the old 5/3/2 strength cycle following the CF Open, but with a twist: instead of progressive sets, you will do a few warm-up sets working up to a working weight, which you will do for all five working sets. If you’re feeling spicy or if the weight is moving quickly, your final […]