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Victoria  // Posts tagged as "Victoria"

23 May Posted by in Helpful Tips, Uncategorized | Comments

Getting SUMO

Switching things up today and playing around with sumo deadlifts. Check out this T-Nation article on why you might be better off pulling sumo and how to improve your sumo deadlift: 6 Tips to Master the Sumo Deadlift


22 May Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments

FBF: HIP-notize

We are back AGAIN! it’s Flyday, and your with your Uncle Ray aka Tha Notorious B.L.A.D.E.Z aka Swolli Bone. This week we have the rap legend, The Notorious B.I.G. aka Big Poppa aka Frank White aka The King of New York. If you are unaware of who Christopher Wallace is… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!? This […]


21 May Posted by in CrossFit Community | Comments


It was a great weekend out in the field at the 152nd Victoria Highland Games. Trever and May competed in the Novice division, Stephanie came in third in the Women’s Masters division, Tyler came in 4th in the Men’s Amateur B divsion, while Ray came out like a boss and took third in the same. Ray also set […]


20 May Posted by in CrossFit Zone class info | Comments

Front Squat Testing

Reminder: We’re testing our front squat 1RM today and our Olympic total (snatch and clean & jerk) on Friday. If you’ve been around for the whole cycle and feel confident in your front squat, try to get a PR today. If you’re new to lifting, are recovering from an injury, or simply haven’t been in […]


19 May Posted by in CrossFit Community, Graduates | Comments

Welcome, Holly!

Please welcome the mysterious Holly from the magical land down under (Australia, if you didn’t pick that up). She’s a former track cyclist (velodrome, kind of like the Thunderdome). Welcome her in to our CFZ family (NO “g’days!”). -Tyler