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Victoria  // Posts tagged as "Victoria"

02 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Snatch Balance

The third pull is, for many people, the most daunting part of the Olympic lifts. Explosively pulling yourself under a heavy bar can be difficult and intimidating. Luckily, we are beginning a cycle of snatch balances to help you develop speed and stability pulling under the bar. Punch up in to the bar as you […]


01 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Zone class info | Comments


Only one class today: 9:30am. Come in, and get your workout on, then go do some stuff to celebrate Canada.


30 Jun Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments


Why carry? Carries are deceptive: they seem a simple action, but are in reality extremely challenging. Heavy carries for long distances require spinal stability (“core” strength), shoulder flexibility AND strength, and grip strength. Today’s workout combines both overhead and farmer’s carries. Make sure to choose a weight that allows you to lock out and stack […]


29 Jun Posted by in Graduates | Comments

Welcome, Dwane!

Please welcome Dwane to group classes. You will recognize him from his great Olympic lifting skills and gracious bailing of weights! I am excited to announce we have taken off his training wheels and he is ready to giver in group classes. And if you are in the market for a new hairstylist, he has […]


27 Jun Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Pause Back Squats and Hand-to-Hand Swings

Squat low and strong on those back squats, and keep the hips popping on the H2H KB swings. Lots of different types of spinal movement today, stay safe, stay strong!