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Victoria  // Posts tagged as "Victoria"

26 Nov Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Why Romanian?

This cycle we’re doing Romanian deadlifts instead of conventional or even sumo deads. Why, you ask? Well, because variety is always good, but more importantly, posterior chain strength. We do a lot of Olympic weightlifting (and variations), mostly in WODs. To be able to effectively recruit your posterior chain in this lifts, you must be […]


25 Nov Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

The Return of the Farmer’s Walk

Get ready for everybody’s favorite exercise: farmer’s walks are back. They’re great for posture and grip strength. Have trouble holding on to the bar in deadlifts? Farmer’s walk. Poor posture? Farmer’s walk. Want a stronger back? Farmer’s walk. LET’S WALK!


24 Nov Posted by in Challenges, CrossFit Community | Comments

Weightlifting Competition Reminder

(No, you don’t have to dress like this guy, but it would be cool if you did….) This Saturday, Novemember 29th from 11-3: 80s bodybuilder themed Olympic weightlifting competition at the gym. $5 entry fee, come ready for fun and lifting! We are still looking for lifters and volunteers, so show up either way. Sign-up […]


22 Nov Posted by in Challenges | Comments

Finishing Test Week

Last day of our testing week. We’ll be testing our max push-ups and 400m ball run. These are two of the tests that we do on the first day of our intro sessions, so now’s your chance to retest and see how you’ve progressed! Make sure you’re recording your results (as you should with all […]


21 Nov Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments

Flashback Friday

(Pictured on left: Eric B., right: Rakim) Young Bladez back again for the weekly dose for all you heads (slang for hip-hop heads.. FYI)! This week we’re headed back to the golden age of hip-hop and one of hip-hop’s most influential MC’s, the rap legend Rakim. Rakim is one half of the hip-hop duo Eric […]