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Victoria  // Posts tagged as "Victoria"

18 Apr Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Unilateral Work

We’re do a lot more accessory work recently, and hopefully it’s been helpful. Our goal is to move better, reduce our risk of injury, and generally be more awesome. Today’s 1 arm DB presses will help improve scapular movement, increase shoulder ROM, and build core stability. Get your bikinis ready, we’re getting SHREDDED! What’s Your […]


17 Apr Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments


It’s your DAWG Young Bladez aka Shrugz “R” Us aka, back again serving up the essential hip-hop bangers for your in gym antics. This week we got the 305 big dawg and legend of the MIA Trick Daddy. I won’t get into a great amount of detail about Trick, he was born in raised in […]


16 Apr Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Why Pause?

“Ugh, I HATE THIS. Why do you make us STOP at the BOTTOM of a SQUAT?” Because we love you. No, we’re not just being cruel. Pausing in the bottom of the squat not only helps build stability and confidence in the hole (the bottom of the squat), but it also helps improve flexibility and […]


15 Apr Posted by in CrossFit Community | Comments

What is happening on Saturday?

This Saturday, Susan and CrossFit Zone have paired up to get people active in the community.  We are traveling around high traffic areas in Victoria Flash Mobbing fitness! I would love to see a great turnout of our community to support this initiative. There is a sign up sheet by the sign in computer.  If […]


14 Apr Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments


Lots of pushing today. Stay below the line of absolute fatigue and break up reps as needed,