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19 Jul Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

SFZ WOD 07192017

WOD Tips: The row can crush you if you don’t pace it correctly. Plan on being able to get off the rower and go right into the dumbbell ground to overhead. The two-handed snatch style and the clean and jerk style are both acceptable. Use your hips as much as possible to get the dumbbells […]


18 Jul Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

SFZ WOD 07182017

WOD Tips: Plan on rotating between movements multiple times. Many people find it beneficial to start with larger ‘sets’, then to decrease the distances as the rounds progress. Starting with 1000m of rowing, then 800m of running, then doing 800m of rowing and 600m of running, etc. As the time comes to an end, don’t […]


17 Jul Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

SFZ WOD 07172017

WOD Tips: For the chest to bars, be sure to focus on the legs and the hips to get you up. The better the kip, the easier the pull up. Be ready to drop to small sets if needed to save the hands and grip for later rounds. Aim to complete the front squats without […]


15 Jul Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

SFZ WOD 07152017

WOD Tips: Plan on doing everything in small, fast sets. Don’t be a ‘hero’ and do extra reps, go faster instead! Avoid grinding out slow reps, even if it means that each person is only doing 1 rep at a time. There is no minimum work requirement, so if someone on your team can’t perform […]


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