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Fitness  // Posts tagged as "Fitness"

21 Sep Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Shrug Life

Shrugs are great if you want big traps. They’re not so good if you want to create a stable shoulder, especially in ring-based movements. There’s a lot of ring dips in the workout today, watch your shoulder position – if you’re shrugging the shoulders up in to the ears, you’ve got an unstable and potentially […]


19 Sep Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

PAINSTORM (plus Sotts Press)

One arm OHS and Sotts press with a kettlebell in the warm-up. Try to stay square, on your heels, and press the bell up and back. Then you’ll be digging in to a partial version of the WOD Painstorm with a partner. Normally it’s 45 minutes of the same, done solo. So there’s that, at […]


18 Sep Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments

FBF: Soul Clap

Let me hear those bumper plates do a soul clap! Like music to my ears kid!! AND WE ARE BACK!! Here’s another edition of your favourite weekly installment, Flasback Friday y’all. Where we provide you with these essential hip-hop classics to keep you TURNT’ ALL THE WAY UP! These ones are best enjoyed with a […]


17 Sep Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Bench Like a Powerlifter

Single arm KB thrusters on deck for today.  Watch that rotation in the squat portion and make sure you keep that chest up. For the strength, remember a bench press is more than just your chest.  Plant those feet into the floor, engage your core and drive up using your lats as well. Enjoy! -Sean


14 Sep Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Bar Muscle-ups

Don’t panic. You can do this. When words like “muscle-up” show up in the WOD, people have a tendency to freak out. Don’t worry about it. Just like everything else, there’s a modification. If you can’t do a bar muscle-up, it’s OK, you can do chest-to-bar-pull-ups. Don’t have those? Use a band or some other […]