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15 Aug Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Kipping Toes-to-bar

Toes-to-bar can be a real pain in the A-S-S. Not only do they require a lot of abdominal and grip strength, but linking them together is a huge challenge. The particular swing required is challenging, but once you master your beat swing (aka gymnastics swing), the effort needed to link T2B is greatly reduced. Possible […]


14 Aug Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments
12 Aug Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Why Plank?

No, I’m not talking about the internet fad from 2010. I’m talking about the prone static hold done from toes and the elbows or hands. It’s gotten a bad rap from over usage in bootcamps and world record attempts. The plank is actually an extremely valuable exercise for teaching proper trunk and scapular position, especially when […]


11 Aug Posted by in Kick Ass Results | Comments

Team Bruce

Sean and Colleen Bruce made their way to Seattle this weekend to compete in the 2015 Pipehitters Classic at Northwest Strength and Performance. They fought hard in big, competitive fields, and Sean ended up with an awesome 13th place, while Colleen cracked the top 10 with a 5th place finish. Congrats to the both of […]


10 Aug Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Romanian Deadlift

Today we’re throwing in yet another deadlift variation. This time it’s Romanian Deadlifts. What makes a deadlift Romanian? I’d say doing deadlifts in Romanian, but if you can’t do that, try this instead: The purpose of a Romanian deadlift is to increase hamstring recruitment. This is accomplished by leaving the hips higher than a normal […]