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28 May Posted by in Helpful Tips | 4 comments

Mental barriers and how to work through it.

Mental barriers are something that we regularly talk about and encounter in crossfit. It is that moment where you get stuck in your head and start focusing on how heavy your breathing, heavy your limbs feel, and how much your muscles are burning. Here are a few tips from CrossFit Invictus on overcoming those obstacles. […]


18 May Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Training, testing, Competing

In crossfit we often try to give our 100% effort all the time. This maximal use of energy can can often leave us worn out, grumpy, and injured. It is important to vary the amount of intensity given in your weekly workouts so you can feel what 70% of your peak intensity feels like versus […]


17 May Posted by in CrossFit Games | Comments

Meet the Zones 2013 Regionals Squad

With the CrossFit regionals starting this weekend, we would like to announce our 2013 regionals team! Sean, Emily, Sam, AJ, Ray, Marie-eve, Bex and Gord. These athletes have been spending countless hours in the gym working on their skills and building up their strength for the upcoming challenges at the regional event in Vancouver on […]


10 May Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Junkyard Dog

Photo credit – Here is a video from Paradiso crossfit outlining a favourite warmup of Crossfit weightlifting coach Burgener   The main purpose of this is to get your Heart rate up and those hips warm and primed for some serious olympic lifting! Give it a try today and see if you notice a […]


08 May Posted by in Helpful Tips | 3 comments

It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Image from   Seeing as it getting mighty hot in the box its time to talk again about WATER! Few things to ponder: 1) Why is water important? Water is the most abundant thing in our body. It aides all of the metabolic processes and allows for the absorption and excretion of electrolytes, vitamins […]