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Fitness  // Posts tagged as "Fitness"

28 Nov Posted by in Misc. Info | Comments

Conway’s Way Vol 2: EX MACHINA

Alright week 2 of the Conway movie/ tv review this one is short but to the point. EX MACHINA- I went into this movie thinking it was gonna be a female terminator and she was gonna light sh*t up. Oh was I wrong, pretty much a bunch of robots, mind games and super dorks just […]


27 Nov Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments

FBF: Bad Boy

And we IS BACK YA’ll! It’s your Sharpness aka Young Bladez aka The Rayzer’s Edge. This week is short and sweet, because I’m about to go get mad tropical. So what better way to send your boy off on vacation than with some…. BAAAAAADDDDD BOOOOOYYYYY! And never forget! Even when your uncle Ray is out […]


23 Nov Posted by in CrossFit Community, Graduates | Comments

Welcome, Charlotte!

Congratulations to Charlotte for graduating to classes! I know what you are thinking “Charlotte has been going to classes for a while now”. She did personal training with me for two years on and off over a slow drawn our process, so its only natural that her writeup be mistimed as well. Charlotte has overcome […]


20 Nov Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments

FBF: Lifestylez of the Swole and Powerful

Annnddd we ARE BACK!!!! I’m about to put it on this week, so sit back and throw on ya Cuban Links ans Coogi sweaters! This week are headed back to 1995 and one of the most slept on hip-hop artists of all time. Big L, the most valuable poet on the MIC. Lamont Coleman aka […]


14 Nov Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Conway’s Way Vol 1

Hello all you beautiful and wonderful individuals, coach Conway here writing his first blog post. Now Iwanted to change things up and instead of writing about fitness give you some advice for post wod activities. Now who doesn’t love to just sit around at the end of there long day kick their feet up and watch a great […]