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Fish oil  // Posts tagged as "Fish oil"

08 Jan Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Take your fish oil…

… because it is going to be a SQUAT intensive month.  I remember when I first competed in the CrossFit North Van Oly competition in 2011 (I believe), I ran into this high-school Olympic lifting coach named Dieter, and he asked me how many days a week I squatted.  I answered, and he told me […]


Unethical Fish Oil Companies BUSTED!

Not all fish oils products are created equal – (original photo courtesy of Krill Oil Dangers) We’ve spoken a lot about the importance of taking fish oil for health and recovery.  But what if the fish oil you have isn’t the best?  Take a look at this interesting article from CrossFit AI: Unethical Fish Oil […]


Mighty Omega: Is It For You?

For those of you who have seen the Mighty Omega fish oil supplements for sale in our Office and have wondered just what the heck they are, here are some factoids to get you up to speed.  Have a look through what Mighty Omega can offer you, and see if you think this fantastic product […]


Give Yourself The Advantage

Pssssst…. I’ve got a secret for you. Do you want to give yourself an almost unfair advantage over your fellow competitors in the athletic realm? Then use high dose fish oil. Simply put, fish oil is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. In doing this, if you take enough fish oils, you will reap many benefits. […]