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CrossFit  // Posts tagged as "CrossFit"

Your going to need a bigger boat!

The Whole Life Challenge starts on Saturday (you can register at, but regardless of whether you register, I wanted to give you a tip about reaching your goals. I call it building a different boat. Remember the scene in Jaws when the police chief sees the enormous 25-foot great white shark for the first […]


Deficit Deadlifts

Today is day one of the deficit deadlifts.  You tested your max deadlift this week and we will work off those percentages at a deficit like we did the box front squats. When doing deadlifts, there becomes a point when the most challenging part is pulling the weight off the floor. The deficit deadlift will […]


Cheer squad assemble!

So Saturday a group of us are heading up to Keating to compete in their new year’s challenge! Events kick off at 8am and go until 5ish. It would be amazing if we could get a group of people coming down to cheer everyone on.  For many people this will be their first competition and […]


11 Jan Posted by in Graduates | Comments

Please Welcome, Marcus!

Please Welcome Marcus to group classes! He has dabbled a little in the ways of CrossFit and has joined us from another CrossFit gym at the same time as Andrea.  Make sure he doesn’t call 9-1-1 in his workout with his Apple Watch! Great to have you a part of the family, Marcus!


10 Jan Posted by in Graduates | Comments

Please Welcome, Andrea!

Please welcome Andrea to classes! She moved to the island from Vancouver with her partner. She used to train at Sheep Dog CrossFit and has taken part in some competitions with them. We are so happy to have her a part of the Zone family and joining the morning/lunch crew.