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24 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

It’s a chipper!

Time to load up on the carbs for this workout, because it is going to be a long one! Coaches Notes: This type of chipper workout is not a sprint, so you want to chose a pace that is slower, but steady. Scale the pullups and dips appropriately so that you can keep moving.  If […]


23 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

High hang power snatch

The high hang snatch is a great skill transfer exercise for the snatch to practice hitting full extension and then a quick turnover under the bar. It is very common that people miss the hip extension in Olympic Lifting and it is crucial when trying to generate power. In this exercise, it will help you […]


22 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Community | Comments

Support Cheri and Courtney!

Support Cheri and Courtney by writing some encouraging words to help them crush it at the Canadian Cup July 27th to August 4th. There will be a box at the front desk to leave your motivational quotes. You all know what it is like to fight through a hard chipper, the mental strength that is […]


21 Jul Posted by in Fun Facts | Comments

Hot CrossFit?

Like Hot Yoga…. is that a thing? Let’s face it: the gym is like an infrared sauna right now.  It’s HOT in there!! Did you know that your athletic performance can be negatively affected by dehydration and elevated heat? There’s a lot of research out there that accounts for the effect of heat and dehydration […]


19 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

New Muscle up progression

Did you see Bex’s new fav muscle up progression? Coaches Notes: Nate is a high skilled benchmark workout.  It is meant to be challenging in the gymnastics and heavy on the kb swing. Choose a muscle up progression that is difficult for you if you don’t have your muscle up The KB swing is full […]