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CrossFit  // Posts tagged as "CrossFit"

Row for what???

Today we’re switching it up and rowing for calories. No, we’re not concerned with how many calories you’re burning during the workout. Instead, we’re looking at calories as a measurement of power output. The more powerful your stroke is, the more distance you get out of each pull, the more work the erg thinks you’re […]


Congrats, Mike!

A big congratulations to Mike R., who traveled to Edmonton to compete in the Kettlebell Sport Nationals. He won his class with 51 reps in the long cycle (KB clean and jerk)! Make sure to give him a pat on the back next time you see him!


Heavy Two’s

We’re on the last week of this strength cycle, which means we’ll see sets of two on our main lifts (overhead squat, deadlift, and shoulder press). Make sure you’re still hitting all your reps and not missing reps just to hit a new PR. Build up to a heavy two, and if it feels easy, […]


25 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Attitude | Comments

Partner Coe

Partner “Coe” for the workout today. Should be fairly easy to accomplish splitting the rounds with a partner, so make sure to choose a scaling that is challenging, but doable. If you’re whizzing through the thrusters and the ring push-ups, you’ve probably chosen a progression that is too easy. WORK FOR IT!


24 Jul Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments

FBF: Rock the (dum)bells

WE ARE BACK, for your weekly edition of these hipa-to-tha-hopas to keep you swoll fiends turn’t up and satiated. This is your Uncle Ray, and when I say “Uncle Ray”, I mean like Uncle Luke from The 2 Live Crew, not like one of your parents siblings. This week we got one of the O.G.’s […]