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Kudos and accolades to our own boss lady Sandy, who placed 44th IN THE WORLD (!!) in her age group in the CrossFit Masters Qualifiers. That’s no small feat, considering the difficulty of movements and workouts. Make sure to tell her how awesome she is next time you see her!


04 May Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments


One of the mobility movements we’re excited about right now is a weighted static hold we’ve lovingly dubbed The Gargoyle. It caught my eye in a Stan Efferding (aka World’s Strongest Bodybuilder aka THE RHINO). Much like a pause squat, it teaches stability and control in the bottom position, as well as helping improving squat […]


02 May Posted by in Events | Comments

1st Day Testing Party TODAY!

Remember that today at 11am we’re doing out 1st day testing and BBQ extravaganza! Come on out, bring something tasty to share and get ready to have some fun!


01 May Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments

Throw Some 45’s

Welcome back kidz! It’s your Uncle Ray aka Young Blizadez, we took a week off but we back at it. Bringing you these essential hip-hop beats to get your swoll sessions fueled and turn’t to the max. This week we have Rich Boy on deck! Maurice Richards aka Rich Boy is a “one” hit wonder, […]


30 Apr Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

1st Rib

The mobility work for today includes some soft tissue work on the first rib. If you’re not familiar, we’re trying to break up some of the grody, junky stuff that builds up in the shoulder around the clavicle and the first (aka top) rib. It’s tough to access, so check out this Mobility WOD video […]