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You are what you eat!  // Browsing posts in You are what you eat!

CrossFit And Supplements

What's your take on supplements in CrossFit?


I can’t do the challenge, I can’t do the diet…

Photo courtesy of – I have heard many of grumbles in the gym, “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”  Everyone is able to do the challenge.  Remember the purpose of the challenge is to make a positive change in your life,  NOT A PERFECT SCORE.  If you are struggling with your nutrition, think of […]


Paleo…so easy a caveman can do it!!!

As the “Whole Life Challenge Worldwide” approaches, we’re all getting excited and amped up for this incredible event.  Everyone should getting their fish oil ready, buying a foam roller and lacrosse ball ($5 + HST) for their mobility, and clearing out all the junk from their fridge and replacing it with “WLCW” approved food. Typically, […]


What The Heck Should I Be Eating, Anyways??

There is often a lot of confusion out there about what people should be eating as part of a healthy and fitness supportive diet.  There are all kinds of instructions and rules in existence surrounding the popular CrossFit preferred Paleo diet, as well as the alternative CrossFit friendly  Zone Diet, not to mention a plethora […]


Are you taking Vitamin I?

Are you a Vitamin I popper when you are really sore from a workout?  If so, take a read of this article posted by CrossFit San Fransisco.  Thanks for the post Kath! Get Off The Ibuprofen Peoples! Hey Kelly, At the seminar you said no more ibuprofen, so I stopped. But what should I take […]