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Sunday HP

Going to push the time back a bit tomorrow. HP will be at 11:30.  Expects lots of front squats and KB work, maybe some grip strength surprises too  


18 Jan Posted by in Misc. Info | Comments

Saturday Team Workout

It is the end of week and it is time to have some fun with your fellow athletes.  Pick two partners and accumulate as many reps as you can with wall balls (everyone’s fav) and deadlifts.


HP Tomorrow

HP tomorrow for those folks still in town. 9:30 am Remember, Sunday rhymes with Heavy squat clean thrusters……well sort of


09 Dec Posted by in CrossFit Exercises, Misc. Info | 1 comment

Monday 091213

Focusing a lot today on Tabata style intervals.  Notice that air squats comes up twice.  The first set is your warm up, not the time to set a record.  We are spending a good amount of time getting everything ready to go so we can hit the OHS hard.  After the strength portion you can […]


08 Dec Posted by in Misc. Info, Open Gym, Uncategorized | Comments

HP Sunday

We are going to move HP to 2pm tomorrow.  This will give us some time to put the gym back to normal after tonight’s party   Plan for lots of old school stuff…..tire flips, sledge hammer work and good old fashion moving weight around