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18 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

All Reps Are Not Created Equal

If you’ve been in any of my classes lately you’ll have realized by now that I really try to push people on their form. Especially when it comes to demonstrating control. While there is certainly a time and place to go as hard and as fast humanly possible, I don’t believe that it is necessary to do so […]


17 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Delicious, Nutritious and Easy

I knew I was having Chicken for dinner, but what to do with it. First thing I did (in the morning) was cut 3 Chicken Breasts into large ‘fingers’, then went to the fridge and found some Chipotle chilies in sauce, I chopped one up and mixed it up with the chicken, a little salt, […]


15 Jun Posted by in Fun Facts, Helpful Tips | Comments

Intensity: Get the most out of your work out

-High intensity workouts save time -Provide the stimuli required to get stronger -You must eat properly, recover, and rest to actually get stronger -2x per week max go as hard as you can on simple movements -About 85% effort for all other training -Record your energy levels -Use the extra time you have to do […]


13 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

The Week Ahead

Hitting the end of another strength cycle with 2’s today. Use the same weight across all sets (hopefully heavier than last week), and rep out the final set. Some pretty high volume WODs this week, despite the seemingly short lengths. Pace yourself and scale appropriately. Try and set some PR’s in weighted pull-ups and muscle […]


09 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Those wonderful rings

Fair amount of ring work today. Keep those shoulders packed down and stay tight in the body, this will ensure you remain in a safe and efficient postilion throughout. Like all body weight movements, go in with a rep scheme plan and break it up into small chunks with quick breaks. Remember, fail to plan, plan to […]