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24 Nov Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Double amrap fun!

Some tips for today’s work. Keep the pace steady on the beginning of the clean and jerks so you can finish strong at the end of the set.  Hustle between transitions and go for unbroken sets since there is a bit of rest built into every transition. The single arm swings are Russian height, and make […]


14 Nov Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Week four of front squat box squats

Are you starting to get a hang of the front box squat? Are you below parallel or almost there? This week I want you to really focus on driving up off the box in the same position as you lowered down in. Let’s stay as upright as we can, drive those knees out and use […]


25 Oct Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Prescription for a great life – Tip 2

Lifting weights is just part of the puzzle for a great life 2. Clean Eating (90% of the time): Although diets will differ from person to person depending on your wants and needs, we believe for optimal health, your diet should consist mostly of whole, unprocessed foods—90% of the time. The other 10% simply means […]


19 Oct Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Who wants a Great LIFE?

We have the Prescription for a Great Life! When we opened the Zone, our purpose wasn’t about producing elite athletes to compete at the CrossFit Games. And it still isn’t. Yes, we want you improving your fitness and hitting PRs regularly, but our mission is so much bigger than that. Our intention has, and always […]


17 Oct Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Week 5 of the Push Press

Hey Everyone! We are coming to a close on the push press strength focus.  This is week 5 of 6 and that means some shorter workouts and a bit less volume. We are also testing people’s front squats today to get a baseline for the next strength focus. If you can’t make it in today, […]