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26 Mar Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Why Crossfit Needs Yoga

“The greatest adaption to CrossFit occurs between the ears.” – Greg Glassman Post from – “The primary intention of Yoga is to master the mind, body and emotions to enhance our way of life. In many ways, CrossFit looks for the same outcome. We show up at the gym regularly, we push hard against […]


20 Mar Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Say hello to Nancy

Nancy is one of the CrossFit benchmark workouts.  If you graduated to class through the PT program, you completed 3 rounds of Nancy.  Time to see how much you have improved since you have been coming to classes!  For everyone else, compare your score to: July 2013 The workout Nancy is a fast paced workout […]


19 Mar Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Get your wall ball on!

Today`s workout is meant to be a fast paced workout, so choose light weights for the exercises.  To build up the musclular endurance, try to string as many reps together as possible with minimal rest in between sets.  When you need to take a rest, take a look at the clock and keep your rest […]


18 Feb Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Lots of time for Mobility

hey Zoners! This week we will be focusing on less volume of training in the class time and spending more time at the end of class mobilizing.  Flexibility is one of the general physical skills that we focus on in CrossFit, so it is just as important as doing the strength component as well as […]


13 Feb Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Five Frans

Dear Zone Family, I would like to introduce you to Five Frans if you have not met them in the past They are not the nicest ladies when compared to other CrossFit Ladies. This is a fun little workout to push your metabolic conditioning, recovery and mental strength.  The weights are light, the movements are […]