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18 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments


There’s been some rumblings around the gym. Some comments, concerns, complaints, discontented whispers regarding the programming, specifically the co-ordination of strength and WOD components. Why do they correspond? Why do we do squats in the WOD when we do squats for strength? Pull-ups when we do pull-ups?? No, we’re not trying to “kill your WOD […]


16 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Do You Even Record?

You must record to make records. DID I BLOW YOUR MIND?? If you’re not writing down what you do in the gym, start yesterday. If you want to make progress, you must have a definite starting point, end goal, and a clear path. We do all the hard work for you – we pick your […]


09 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Beyond BTWB

A many of you know, we have been using Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB) to for our members to record their workouts and track their progress. In an attempt to simplify things for ourselves and our clients, we are switching over to Zen Planner (ZP) for our workout results. Though ZP does not currently have all […]


08 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

End of Strength Cycle

We’ve reached the end of another strength cycle. We’ll be going for heavy 2’s this week in our main lifts. Make sure you limit yourself to the amount of weight you can push with good technique. 2RM doesn’t mean throw caution in to the wind and grind out a crappy squat. Stay tight and get […]


02 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Ow, My Back!

(Image courtesy of Master isolated images at A common complaint we hear around the gym is “my back hurts.” The SIJ (sacroilliac joint) can take a real beating if you’re not paying attention to mobility, STAbility, and strength. Check out this Breaking Muscle article where they discuss the SIJ, common issues, and some good corrective/preventative […]