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27 May Posted by in Helpful Tips, Uncategorized | Comments

New Additions to ZP APP

Download the ZenPlanner App to keep track of all your strength numbers and WoD times! HISTORY shows a library of benchmarks  and allows all measures to be searched. Measures that you have recorded will show the best score on the surface. Searching or selecting goes to a full history of your  performance for that skill or measure. […]


23 May Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

The Week Ahead

Bit of a deload week after last weeks heavy 2’s. Some weightlifting work OTM, and light volume work. Stay light and get lots of good reps in – but don’t go HAM on the last set, stick to the prescribed reps and weights. If you feel like you need more of a deload, scale reps […]


Push vs pull?

I want you all to try something a little different today for the deadlifts.  get in your normal set up, (engage the lats, back set etc) and now I want you to envision pushing the ground away vs trying to stand up. Picture grabbing the bar and trying to really push down with your legs […]


16 May Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

The Week Ahead

Pretty standard week here. Since we’re past the CrossFit Open, you’ll see a wider variety of exercises and WOD types. Lots of upper body work, so take the time to do some shoulder/thoracic mobility work, as well as shoulder stabilization/strength work. Put in a few minutes here and there to save yourself a lot of […]


Row Row Row your boat

So if you are looking at this and thinking “that’s it” you either haven’t done this before or you are doing it wrong. While we are looking for the split times to be close to each other, these should all be taken as max effort attempts (ie that 2 minutes rest should feel like it isn’t […]