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31 Aug Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Coooooach….Y U no max?

Usually after a couple of cycles we’ll go for a one rep max test. You’ll notice we haven’t done that recently. The reason behind that is that we’re in the middle of an extended undulating (remember a couple weeks back? undulating?) strength cycle. We’re hitting a mixture of high and low volume days throughout the […]


Overhead Squats

Many people find overhead squats to be an extremely challenging movement early on in their CrossFit career. With the right mixture of mobility and strength development, you can conquer this sometimes frustrating movement. Here’s a couple tips to help: 1. Keep the bar balanced over the center line of your body: it’s easy to shift […]


26 Aug Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments


A common complaint amongst newer members at the gym is that they can’t understand the WODs written on the whiteboard or posted on the website. In the beginning, it does feel like CrossFit is filled with a secret language full of codes, acronyms, and lingo. Follow this link to get some inside in to the […]



We’re switching things up this cycle: instead of entering another straight ahead 5/3/2 progression, we’re going to use what is called “undulating periodization.” More specifically, we’re going to use a form of daily undulating periodization. What the heck does that mean? Let’s look at squats: we will be squatting two times a week on this cycle […]


Row for what???

Today we’re switching it up and rowing for calories. No, we’re not concerned with how many calories you’re burning during the workout. Instead, we’re looking at calories as a measurement of power output. The more powerful your stroke is, the more distance you get out of each pull, the more work the erg thinks you’re […]