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11 Aug Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Safety’s always first!

Just look at that bar bounce!  (Original image courtesy of Fair Winds, Following Seas) Ever wonder why the Coaches repeatedly bark lame and ‘useless’ safety tips at you?  Things like, “PLEASE pile your loose weight plates up off to the side away from your bar drop-zone!”  and “PLEASE step further back from the rack when […]


07 Aug Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Bracing the mid-line

In day 1 of our introductory private training sessions we talk about mid-line stability and how to keep your core tight.  This is a very important subject and many people don`t know what it means to keep their mid-line tight.  You may have been to a Pilates or fitness class in the past and they […]


06 Aug Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Time to Play!

Many people don’t realize that playing is not just for children. We as adults need to incorporate some form of play regularly. Many peer reviewed journals say that play helps us to become more creative, relieve stress, and feel better. All of these contribute to a better quality of life. Imagine walking down the street […]


28 Jul Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Deload lifting week

Who is ready for a deload lifting week?  If you went hard and heavy enough the last cycle of 5′s, 3′s and 2′s, you should be very thankful. Spend lots of extra time on mobility this week to get you ready to get back on the next lifting cycle and ready to hit some PR’s. […]


17 Jul Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Prison Rules are back!

Who is excited for this workout?! This is such a great workout to build up your conditioning as well as rep speed in the barbell movements.   Coaches Notes: Loading – based on your weakest movement of the 3.  Choose no more than 50% of 1RM Form – Not letting form degrade more than 10-20% […]