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08 Feb Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

The Week Ahead

You’ll see a variety of skill and conditioning movements paired with primary strength movements this week. We’re still undulating, and there’s more OTM work coming down the pipe, so steel yourself. You’ll also see the inclusion of OTM strength work paired with secondary movements, so be ready to hustle. No time to lallygag. Other than […]


Great Sott!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you….. I’m pretty sure that is a meme somewhere, it’s kinda stupid but also has some truth to it. Today will be a challenging day. So challenging that some of you may not be able to do it. This isn’t a bad thing but it will be […]


01 Feb Posted by in Helpful Tips, Uncategorized | Comments

The Week Ahead

You may have noticed that things are getting pret-ty intense around here. The CrossFit Open is just around the corner, and that means VOLUME, INTENSITY, and MORE VOLUME & INTENSITY!! So that means SCALE and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If there is movement dysfunction (AKA if your body is moving or compensating in a way it […]


28 Jan Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments


Alright folks we’ve got a “girl wod” for you today, the kind that should leave you smashed at the end. This is not a warm up as you go kind of wod. You want to hurt before it hurts so to speak….get a good sweat on and your heart rate up before you go for […]


25 Jan Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

The Week Ahead Vol 3

We’re playing around with tools in a different way this week, so expect to see some different WOD structures and atypical movements such as double KB swings, lateral box jumps, and more. We’re still ramping up our volume towards the CrossFit Open, so continue to scale WODS to a level that allows you to still […]