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03 Oct Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Dumbbells are DUMB

Why are dumbbells so much hard than a bar? A barbell locks movement in to a more structured plane of movement, which creates what we call a bilateral movement. Both arms (or legs) are working together to stabilize and move the bar. When using one or two dumbbells, it is called unilateral movement – even […]


Front Squat Fun!

Gotta love heavy front squats!  You know the drill, elbows up, knees out and lift some weight!  Well, there is a bit more to it then that 😉  make sure you are in a good position to really max out, work with the coach if you find you just can’t seem to keep upright enough […]


19 Sep Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

PAINSTORM (plus Sotts Press)

One arm OHS and Sotts press with a kettlebell in the warm-up. Try to stay square, on your heels, and press the bell up and back. Then you’ll be digging in to a partial version of the WOD Painstorm with a partner. Normally it’s 45 minutes of the same, done solo. So there’s that, at […]


17 Sep Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Bench Like a Powerlifter

Single arm KB thrusters on deck for today.  Watch that rotation in the squat portion and make sure you keep that chest up. For the strength, remember a bench press is more than just your chest.  Plant those feet into the floor, engage your core and drive up using your lats as well. Enjoy! -Sean


14 Sep Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Bar Muscle-ups

Don’t panic. You can do this. When words like “muscle-up” show up in the WOD, people have a tendency to freak out. Don’t worry about it. Just like everything else, there’s a modification. If you can’t do a bar muscle-up, it’s OK, you can do chest-to-bar-pull-ups. Don’t have those? Use a band or some other […]