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23 May Posted by in Helpful Tips, Uncategorized | Comments

Getting SUMO

Switching things up today and playing around with sumo deadlifts. Check out this T-Nation article on why you might be better off pulling sumo and how to improve your sumo deadlift: 6 Tips to Master the Sumo Deadlift


09 May Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Where is the thoracic spine, exactly?

We talk quite a bit about the thoracic spine and the necessity of improving thoracic mobility. It’s the area of your spine that begins just below the neck and ends around the middle of your back (bottom of the ribs). It’s an abused section of our spine, and usually needs some help moving around, as […]


30 Apr Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

1st Rib

The mobility work for today includes some soft tissue work on the first rib. If you’re not familiar, we’re trying to break up some of the grody, junky stuff that builds up in the shoulder around the clavicle and the first (aka top) rib. It’s tough to access, so check out this Mobility WOD video […]


22 Apr Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments


Quick reminder: We have somewhere around 120 members at CFZ at any given time. Each of these members has different needs, goals, and scheduling. When we program classes, we try to make things accessible to everyone, whether they come twice a week or six times a week. That means we might run two hard workouts […]


16 Apr Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Why Pause?

“Ugh, I HATE THIS. Why do you make us STOP at the BOTTOM of a SQUAT?” Because we love you. No, we’re not just being cruel. Pausing in the bottom of the squat not only helps build stability and confidence in the hole (the bottom of the squat), but it also helps improve flexibility and […]