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What do ya think?!

This was a great week… So many PR’s on snatches and clean and jerks! Way to go 🙂 One week into the new programming and I am very excited to see all the PR’s to come in the future by everyone! Keep up the hard work. What does everyone think? I would love to hear […]


Weekend WOD

Thankfully you don’t have to carry your team mates! We have a fun 30 minute team workout today for you! We are playing around with some new movements to add a new challenge and excitement 🙂   Coaching Tips: Workinh in a group of 3, team up with people who have similar run times as […]


We’re talking about practice

Lighter workday today so lots of prep time to work on those toes to bar.  Coaches, work with your class on lat engagement and pushing the bar down to help dial in those linked movements. The push presses are a light weight so make sure you don’t just turn them into shoulder presses. Slow down and […]


What is the scaling guide?

With the new programming there is a Scaling Guide to help you decide which zone to choose for the workout and course correct along the way if you scaled up or down too much. We include the scaling guide to show the intent/intensity of the workout with rounds or time for completion. While in the workout, if you scale too […]


What is the context?

With our new programming you are going to see “CONTEXT” at the top. There are 3 different contexts – Practice, Competition and Mental toughness. Each context is a different mental approach. Here are some examples: Practice: 60% of the time and the default context. You can’t treat every day like you are going to battle or […]