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Why pause?

Keys to the pause snatch: So there is a reason we are doing this, it isn’t just so you can hang out in an awkward position.  Pause work does a few things. Build strength in a movement by increasing the time under tension and more importantly in the olympic lifts, allow you to stop and […]


No gymnastics tonight

As the title says 😉 Sean’s away today so no gymnastics class. Everything else is in as per normal. For the wod, on those dumbbell cleans it’s really easy to get sloppy when you try to rush them. Take the time to do it right and you’ll perform so much better. Have fun!


New strength cycle – Power Cleans

This is our last week of back squats, so give it all you got! We are hitting up back squats today (7×2  at 90-95%) and Friday (6×3 at 90-95%). This week begins our 14 session (7 week) power clean cycle. Like the back squats you will see power cleans programmed in different reps and percentages twice […]


Happy BC Day

Happy BC Day! ONLY the 9:30am class today, all other classes are cancelled. Enjoy the sun 🙂  


Pow pow power clean!

Few coaches notes for this workout: Scale up option of 70/53* if KB swings are a movement you excel at or if you think you will do the Rx weight unbroken. If KB swings are a struggle for you, pick up KB as soon as you get in from the run and get a set […]