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Thruster Thursday

Heavy thrusters today. We know that this is a lot but if we don’t push, you don’t grow 😉 while heavy,  you should be able to knock out the first couple sets U/B so work with the coach if you need to find a scaling option that is right for you. Make sure you keep […]


HP Sunday 9am start!

Short and sweet as I’m on vacation. May is filling in for me and we need to shift the time a bit. 9am start! Enjoy the wod, I think it will be a fun one!


Front Squat Fun!

Gotta love heavy front squats!  You know the drill, elbows up, knees out and lift some weight!  Well, there is a bit more to it then that 😉  make sure you are in a good position to really max out, work with the coach if you find you just can’t seem to keep upright enough […]


Volume Bench

Hitting some high rep bench press today to build volume and work capacity. Make sure to choose a weight light enough to hit all sets at the prescribed reps. Don’t miss reps chasing the gains dragon!



RDLs….so whats the deal.  Depending on your flexibility you may or may not be able to get the plates to the floor, but that doesn’t matter.  Work with the coach to determine your range of motion and proper positioning.  These are high reps so don’t let that core relax and keep those lats engaged to […]