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HP Sunday

Special guest coach tomorrow!  Please play nice with Matt he’s helping me out  😉 9:30 start time so sleep well and bring it tomorrow!


Thruster Thursday

Heavy thrusters today. We know that this is a lot but if we don’t push, you don’t grow 😉 while heavy,  you should be able to knock out the first couple sets U/B so work with the coach if you need to find a scaling option that is right for you. Make sure you keep […]


HP Sunday 9am start!

Short and sweet as I’m on vacation. May is filling in for me and we need to shift the time a bit. 9am start! Enjoy the wod, I think it will be a fun one!


Front Squat Fun!

Gotta love heavy front squats!  You know the drill, elbows up, knees out and lift some weight!  Well, there is a bit more to it then that 😉  make sure you are in a good position to really max out, work with the coach if you find you just can’t seem to keep upright enough […]


Volume Bench

Hitting some high rep bench press today to build volume and work capacity. Make sure to choose a weight light enough to hit all sets at the prescribed reps. Don’t miss reps chasing the gains dragon!