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Get your clean on!

So we’ve got some O-lift work for our wod today.  2 lifts every minute with the goal being HAP and no misses.  Try to make these sets all across vs building so that we get in the most amount of work within the time constraints.  Touch and go isn’t necessary but your time between lifts […]


Get your bench on

Heavy bench press today so partner up, every lift will have a spotter.  Really make sure you have a good set up on this lift, it’s way more full body engagement than it looks.  Review with the coach the proper shoulder and hand position to really get the most out of your sets.  For the […]


The Week Ahead…

We’re back on undulating strength programming after a brief detour in to a 1RM max testing cycle. We’re simultaneously building work capacity and strength by varying intensity and rep ranges for our skill/strength work within the same microcycle (AKA week). As we draw closer to the CrossFit Open, you will see a reduction in the […]


Pause squats

So we are still in our deload week, working on front squats.  These lighter weight movements are a great time to introduce a pause at the bottom of your squat and sort of do a self check out.  A tempo of 3 down, 1 sec pause and 1 sec up is a great way to […]


Squat Squat Squat

Going for a new 1 RM in the Front Squat.  Really make sure you run through a number of warm up sets (5-5-3-3-2-1-1-1 is a great max out progression) and limit your number of single lift attempts to around 3ish.  If you aren’t hitting it after 3 attempts it’s best to just walk away and […]