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Week 5 of Front box squats

Now you should be getting comfortable in the body of the squat and staying very upright. This week we will be hitting the front box squats on Wednesday and Saturday. In Wednesday we are sticking with the 55-65% of your max front squat. If you have not worked up to that because you have been […]


11 Jun Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Weekend WOD


Push vs pull?

I want you all to try something a little different today for the deadlifts.  get in your normal set up, (engage the lats, back set etc) and now I want you to envision pushing the ground away vs trying to stand up. Picture grabbing the bar and trying to really push down with your legs […]


Row Row Row your boat

So if you are looking at this and thinking “that’s it” you either haven’t done this before or you are doing it wrong. While we are looking for the split times to be close to each other, these should all be taken as max effort attempts (ie that 2 minutes rest should feel like it isn’t […]


07 Apr Posted by in CrossFit Exercises | Comments

Quads on fire

Good leg pump day today…get those quads a burning. Make sure prior to the wod that you get in a bunch of thoracic mobility, it will really help your front rack position – foam rolling is just one of our tools, talk to the coach for some other ideas if you are stuck. We want […]