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Next strength Cycle – Defecit Deadlift

This week is the start of our next strength cycle the deficit deadlift. We are testing your max deadlift today as a baseline. If you are unable to make it in today, please arrange another time to get your baseline done. Why deficit deadlifts? The short answer: Deficit deadlifts are harder for the right reasons. […]


It is time for some Testing

This is not mean to be a haphazard open gym day – work together in groups so you can have people to do the tests with, and/or help you count reps. Be smart about the order of the movements (you don’t want to do something that will hurt the results of the next thing). If […]


Next strength cycle – Clean

This week we are retesting our front squat! Time to see how the front box squats improved your front squat strength. We are on week two of our clean strength cycle  and supersetting with handstand push-ups. If you did not get a chance to test your max clean, please get that done ASAP so you […]


Wrapping up the front box squats

This is our last week on the box front squats and I have to say that I am very proud of improvement on everyone’s squats. Range of motion and quality of movement has increased.  Way to go Zoner’s! This week we are working at a very high percentage – 75-90%.  Your front squat max will […]


Week 6 of front box squats

This is the second to last week of the front box squats. We have moved up to 65-75% on the bar. Really dial in the upright position and being explosive out of the bottom to get prepped for the next strength cycle (squat) cleans. Have some fun and start to challenge yourself. Next week we […]