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21 Aug Posted by in CrossFit Attitude | Comments


Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Train (Or do anything) Check out the new whiteboard that we have put  up in the gym.  The idea is to have people consider their motivations, what they were doing, why they were doing it, and as a result assess their commitment to it. The questions are simple but […]


20 Aug Posted by in CrossFit Attitude | Comments

Are You an Athlete or an Exerciser?

Graham sent me a great article from Catalyst Athletics about the difference between an athlete and an exercises.  I thought it was a very interesting read and something that everyone should think about.  Thanks Graham! Read at your leisure…. By Greg Everett “Before you even say it, no, the title isn’t a jab at CrossFitters. […]


27 Jan Posted by in CrossFit Attitude | Comments

Why do you CrossFit?

I found this article from Tabata Times and thought it was fitting as we are reaching the competition season in CrossFit…. Competitive Much? Remember We Do This for Fun by TARYN HAGGERSTONE “I can get really nervous under pressure.” “What pressure?” “When I compete.” “Just think of it as another workout, and have fun.” Hmmm… […]


How to Avoid Scaling All Your WODs: Why Going Rx is Preventing You From Going Rx

I am cutting to the chase and posting the conclusion to this article by James Barnum, found through Eat to Perform.  See the whole thing here. What To Do About It It’s easy to fall into the “Rx trap” – that feeling that you need to do it Rx or you’re not really working […]


Effort and Results

We all know that the effort we apply to something dictates the results that we get, but it bears repeating every once in a while.  If you are not getting the results you are hoping for, take the time to evaluate how you are approaching your training.  Check in with a coach and get some […]