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Jul 28 Comments

SFZ WOD 07282017

WOD Tips: Seven (7) is a lot of rounds, so have a strategy for counting reps. Start this one off slowly and then figure out your pacing after the first few rounds. Breaking up the kettlebell swings, and dropping from the top of the cleans often will pay off in in the later rounds. Avoid […]


Jul 27 Comments

SFZ WOD 07272017

WOD Tips: Try to do this as unbroken as possible. Make sure you are thoroughly warmed up ahead of time so you can go full speed from the beginning. Keep the chest up on the goblet squats. Push the pace on the lateral shuffles to keep the intensity up, don’t get lazy on these!


Jul 26 Comments

SFZ WOD 07262017

WOD Tips: Try to do big sets on the push press and the knees to elbows since you’ll be coming off a minute rest each round. Keep up a good pace and try and ‘burn out’ each round on the kb swings and bootleggers.


Jul 25 Comments

SFZ WOD 07252017

WOD Tips: Remember to keep the knees straight and arms at your sides for the jump rope stuff. No slamming the feet. It is all in the wrists and elbows! Sit ups should be done with an Abmat (or similar), but do not anchor the feet.


Jul 24 Comments

SFZ WOD 07242017

WOD Tips: The first round of hang power snatches should be unbroken for just about everybody. Hook grip will be key here. Some people will benefit from doing a more narrow grip because it will tax the hands less. Be sure to throw the wall balls from the bottom of the ball and not the […]