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Sean  // Posts published by Sean

02 Apr Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

Hp Sunday /open gym

Sean has to work on Sunday so tomorrow will be more of an open gym format. Still lots of work to get done so be ready to go! 9:30 start as per usual


12 Mar Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

HP/17.3 and Daylight savings!!!

Don’t forget to turn your clock ahead tonight!  We’ll open as usual but won’t start anything off for a few minutes later to give a few of the sleep deprived their chance to show up  😉  Some a great turnout on Friday, lets do the same tomorrow!


05 Mar Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments


We’ll kick things off at 9:30 tomorrow for our second round of 17.2. It’s a fun wod and we saw some fantastic effort on Friday so lets keep that trend going! See you soon!


26 Feb Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments


Super late post, sorry about that.  Just a reminder, there is HP on Sunday but we’ll be doing the open workout 17.1.  If you are in the area and not working out, come by and cheer for you friends as they grind through this one!


19 Feb Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

HP Sunday

Last HP before the open! I’ve reached into the way-back machine to bring an old complex we haven’t seen in awhile.  Lets get together to throw around some barbells!  9:30 start as per normal  🙂